Where did the name Skillz Academy come from?

We call ourselves Skillz Academy because we want to help people build a better life by acquiring new, transformative professional skills. Our logo is a modern coat of arms. Historically, a coat of arms is a symbol used to identify families or individuals. As a graduate of Skillz Academy, you will be a part of the Skillz Academy Professional Network.  The icons that you see in the Skillz Academy coat of arms represent the 4 pillars of the new career you will embark on after graduating from the Skillz Academy. 

The four pillars of your success are: 

  1. Technology – Technology has influenced every aspect of American life and business. We’ll teach you how to navigate and thrive as an entry level salesperson in the technology industry.
  2. The Business of Tech – There are more “business” jobs in technology companies than there are coding jobs. We teach the “business of tech” so you can land an entry level job in sales, business development, account management, or customer success.
  3. Skills for the Future – You’ll learn a future-proof set of skills. Your skills will be transferable so you can navigate various jobs in an ever changing world and throughout the technology industry.
  4. Competency Based Curriculum  – No college degree? No problem! Successful salespeople come from all different kinds of backgrounds and experiences. We’ll ensure that you have the competencies needed to achieve your goals!